The Presence Detection System (SDP) is an application that integrates with any LTE network, which by using the RAN infrastructure and a modified MME, which connects the operator’s EPC, is capable of delivering position information of a UE, in real time, with a margin of error of less than one meter.

What it basically does is detects when a UE (from a subscriber) connects to an eNB, capturing its IMSI, through the modified MME and saving it, along with other data, from the eNB, to finally process and save them for later deployment on a dashboard


Hardware and software

  • Small server with EPC elements (MME, HSS, SGW)
  • Short-range eNBs (Small cells), connected to the local EPC (EO2S).
  • Firewalls-IPSEC to connect local EPC to eNB and operator EPC.
  • Ethernet network for interconnection of local elements.

Core Installation on RAN Edge

  • CORE independent of the operator
  • Virtualized and Light
  • Configuration and local scope
  • Centralized authentication via DRA / HSS Operator

Deployment of RAN Indoor

  • Short Range Small Cells [Power ≤ 21 dBm]
  • High definition and little impact
  • Masked internal cell_IDs
  • External cell_ID visible to Core Operator
  • Operator PLMN Broadcast


  • Detection and Identification without impact to the user’s service
  • Detection in approx 1 to 5 seconds
  • Detection of IMSI – IMEI and Other indicators of the RAN network


  • Minimal impact on the Operator Core
  • Local RAN configuration independent of the Operator
  • Single point of connection to authenticate users via DRA
    Horizontally scalable


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