We specialize in fast and efficient solutions for integration problems in telecommunications systems, with a high specialization in mobile operators, control and administration of platforms.

We have specialists in both open source software and proprietary solutions, as well as extensive experience in developing low-level code systems in the mobile telecommunications industry.


It is an application that integrates into any LTE network, which, by using the RAN infrastructure and a modified MME, which connects the operator’s EPC, is capable of delivering information on the position of a UE, in real time, with a margin of error of less than one meter

It is a device that combines hardware and software, and is designed to facilitate the programming of the infrastructure of the mobile telephone network.

It delivers all radio technologies and all operators on a single antenna (3G / 4G / VolTE / NB-IOT). By using Radio Layer Virtualization (VRAN) via specialized software and the use of Generic FPGA Hardware.

QIN has a specialized RF laboratory to carry out custom developments such as tests and certifications of wireless telecommunications equipment.


Because we believe in the potential of new ideas and new developments, we have always aimed to connect with entrepreneurship and research.

We have allies and partners with whom we work together to promote it



What is quantum computing? The next big leap in computing

What is quantum computing? The next big leap in computing

The latest issue of the MIT Technology Review - the magazine of the best university in the world, according to various rankings - mentions quantum computing as one of the most disruptive innovations that are about to become a reality. Not for nothing there are giants...

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Event: «Telecommunications Proof of Catastrophes»

Event: «Telecommunications Proof of Catastrophes»

Last Thursday, April 6, the company QIN Technology, held its Technology Dissemination event called “Telecommunications Proof of Catastrophes. On the occasion the company announced its developments, based on two themes, "The real privacy of digital information in the...

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